March 7, 2009

Another Recycling Update for Salem - Styrofoam and Steel

Okay, you probably know this already but if you don't, pay attention. You can recycle styrofoam at the Fresh Start Market on Center St. This is the wonderful little market that is run by juveniles in the county corrections. The market is great and the program there appears to be doing great things. Check out their coffee cafe and drop off that styrofoam you've been saving in your garage. You have been saving it right????

Also, I heard on the radio last night that you can now recycle steel aerosol cans and small steel pieces (less than 18" and less than 12 lbs or something along those lines) in your blue bins. I am going to call the county, and our garbage hauler, to get the details. If anybody with the county is out there, you really should update your website more often! I think you need to remove the plastic cap and the plastic sprayer on the steel cans.

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