July 24, 2009

Seriously...I don't think so!

I love all things it's grown, how it's processed, cooking, reading recipes...if it's about food I'm all over it. I'm even fairly willing to try a lot of things...but we all have to draw the line. I think I could have made it had I not seen this picture. Yes, your are reading that right! It's goat penis. Apparently it's the cause of a recent food safety scare in Vietnam. And, the peni (plural for penis?) had been imported from Australia. So, what we have here is an international goat penis trade. Sorry, this just has fascinated me since I heard about it earlier this week!
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July 20, 2009

Bailey's Peak....I Know It's Really Mary's Peak

Sometimes we think we just don't have the energy to get away and yet, what we really need is to get away. This is how I felt this weekend. Drained of all I had to give. We've both decided that our backpacking tent is great for backpacking. Seems like a no brainer right? Well, we went and bought ourselves a car camping tent. It's a palace! It even has a little popout that we can fit Bailey's kennel, bag of toys and food and water dish in comfortably without using up the general floor space. While it was darn cold, it was a wonderful evening. We drove up Saturday, set up camp, ate dinner and then walked to the top of Mary's Peak to take in the view. Later, we stayed up in the tent reading with our head lamps and ended up sleeping in until 10 o'clock! After breakfast of bacon, eggs and blueberry pancakes we hiked again. Bailey is a wonderful camper and great hiker. Now we just need to continue on leash walking. Doesn't seem to like walking with us...she'd rather walk behind us. Probably has something to do with the fact that our feet are huge and she's tiny!

July 17, 2009

Hanging Rock

Quick, are you from Oregon...can you tell me where Powers is? If not, google it! Okay's the Wikipedia link. My grandfather moved to Powers from Iowa when he was 13. He's since left but my cousin was mayor once! Anyway, Andrew and I went to the South Coast last weekend to visit family and went hiking at Hanging Rock which is outside of Powers on the way to Glendale. Gorgeous. Andrew says it's one of his top 5 places in Oregon. So, tell me, what are you're top 5 places in Oregon?

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