June 14, 2009

Shellburg Falls

I am somewhat loathe to tell you about Shellburg Falls. It's just that nice of a place and I really love that there are not a lot of people up there...but oh well you'll find out anyway. Shelburg Falls are part of the Santiam Forest and is similar to Silver Falls. Only, while a bit smaller than most of the falls at Silver Falls State Park, Shellburg Fall have a seat where you can sit behind the falls and enjoy them. And, there is no fee for parking your car.

Andrew and I go at least once or twice a year in different seasons to enjoy this area. Since we last went, they have done a lot of improvements at the campground that you can drive to or hike to as we did. They've started charging to camp at the campground too but with all the improvements I'm not surprised.

Another thing we learned yesterday, was Gene's Meat Market (corner of Fernridge Rd and Hwy 22 in Mehema) is wonderful. We stopped on the way up to the falls and bought some jerky and a buffalo pepperoni stick. On the way back, we stopped and bought some frozen sausages that didn't have too much nasty stuff in them. They are open Mon-Sat., so stop in sometime on your way by.

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