April 21, 2013

Working the Girls

Today Babbitt and Isaak and I went out to the farm to work the Girls.  Two of the hives are extremely healthy.  Isaak and I made a split for me and took a couple of frames with queen cups on them for him.  The other two hives are doing okay but aren't bursting at the seams like the others. 

Medina and I also brought the top bar hive into town to the house.  So, we're at four hives at Minto Island Growers, one full hive at the house, one top bar hive at the house, and a nuc (made from one of the healthy hives). 

It really helped having Isaak there yesterday.  He was able to explain things that we were looking at.  And, I found the queen in one of the boxes.  Isaak had a holder and pen to mark her so we did! 

It was a stressful weekend having Tamara and her kids visiting and then Andrew took the boys to Grand Ronde for an overnight visit - my first night away from Riley.  Getting to work the bees helped relax me a bit.

All photos from Isaak's cell phone!

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