August 11, 2008

Vulcan Lake and Hot Cakes

This weekend was fun! Haven't felt that way about a weekend for awhile since Andy had to work most of them last month. Hitched a ride with my great-aunt and uncle on Thursday to Coquille where we met my parents. Went home with them and spent the night. The next morning, Dad, my uncle George, and I drove east of Brookings and hiked into Vulcan Lake. It was beautiful.

The most beautiful part was that I am 45 lbs lighter than I was last year. It was probably the most enjoyable hike I have ever done...because I didn't think I was going to die!

The weather was warm but not too hot with a slight breeze. This area was part of the Biscuit Fire back in 2002 so there really wasn't much by the way of shade. Things are definitely returning after the fire though.

Physically I was seven hours away from home but mentally I was much further.

Not only did I get to go on a wonderful hike, but I got to spend some quality time with my family and my extended family. Each year, my Grandma and her two sisters and anybody from each of their families that can, get together up Fairview. I have especially enjoyed getting to know my cousin Kathy. She is such an amazing person. She and her husband have adopted five special needs children. Each child is really special and has a unique personality. I have apparently made at least a small impression on one. (For their safety I am not sharing their names.) But one of the little girls remembered that I let her help me mix up the hot cakes last year. This year she woke up on Saturday and ran full speed out of the bus, not even stopping to use the bathroom. She was going to help me mix the hot cakes. I had forgotten but when she got to the kitchen I had really just started. The picture below tells more than words could any day!

What a wonderful way to spend my weekend!

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