August 12, 2008

What do you think...maybe a front basket for fruit?

I guess I like a challenge. Or I just don't think these things out. Below are pictures of tonight's shopping bike. All 64lbs of it. I actually didn't fill my panniers too full this time but almost everything was heavy. Canned refried beans, giant thing of lotion, face wash, and yes that is a 20lbs bag of cat food bungeed across the top of the bike rack and the panniers. I made it home in one piece but went a lot slower than normal. And, I'm again so grateful for losing that 45lbs. Can't imagine what this would be like with that and the 64 lbs of stuff!

It can be done though! I'm living proof.


Chile said...

It's time to graduate to an Xtracycle.

Not up to my ears in credit card debt. said...

Chile, I've been thinking about an Xtracycle for years. My neighbor has one and loves it. However, now I'm thinking about going with the BOB Yak. I think I would like being able to take it off and have my "regular" bike. I don't always need the large carrying capacity. And, after that 41 mile ride, I "want" a faster bike. Hopefully, in the next year or so I'll find a good one on craigslist like the one I have now. My new goal is to ride from Lincoln City to my parent's house in Bandon. But that's for next summer! Thanks for looking at my blog!

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