September 3, 2008

Ummm, it's like busted!

You know that "Thing" (yes it's thing with a capitol T) that you never think you could ever do.  Never in a million years. You know people who do "it" but not you. These people are called freaks, by the way.

I managed to conquer that "Thing."  My "Thing" was getting in good enough shape to ride my bicycle to Burgerville in Monmouth (approx. 32 miles round trip) for a smoothie and french fries. Those who know me, know I've been losing weight and so far, I have lost about 47 pounds.  That's great but it wasn't getting me my smoothie!  

On Labor Day, four of us set out to conquer my "Thing." And, rather than just complete the task and say okay that's done, I  decided I could add on a bit.  Instead of a nice out and back, we rode from my house in Salem, to Dallas, to Monmouth, to Independence and back on River Road. This ended up being 41 miles.  I'm not going to lie, I'm slow.  But I made it.  And, as I kept telling everyone, if I were a guy, I would be officially sterile!  But I didn't die and a blackberry smoothie never tasted so good.  So below are photo's from my epic journey.  Hopefully, you too will one day conquer your "Thing," with a capitol T of course!


gcs said...

Kudos to you! You look great!

Not up to my ears in credit card debt. said...

Thanks Carley! You were waiting for this post weren't you...Just kidding.

Jannie "Funster" said...

32 miles is something to be proud of!

Michael Heggen said...

You did very well! You're only a few miles away from a half-century now!

E said...

Quest for the Shake! We need to pitch Burgerville for a new ad campaign! It hits the local and sustainability buttons and says, "Burgerville's shakes and smoothies are so great, four friends will bike 40 miles just to have one." Glad to be there. That was great fun.

Chile said...

Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment. Things, with a capital "T", of course, are always hard to conquer but so satisfying when you do. Way to go.

Too bad I don't live in Eugene anymore. That would have been a big ride to visit. ;-)

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