October 6, 2009

How I Got Here - Part IV

Looking at ways to simplify my life has been a very important part of my journey to health.  Typically, we might look at getting rid of clutter, making wise money management decisions, reducing activities, etc.  But sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision on what would simplify our lives.  There is a great way to look at this...and I didn't think it up.  I read about it in a free e-book by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits.

It goes something along the lines of, "What are four to five essentials in your life?"  Once you have these essentials, you can begin to prioritize activities, objects, etc.  If at any point you are doing something that doesn't fit into one of your essentials, you have an opportunity to re-vist your essentials and evaluate whether you need to re-think that activity or change your essentials.  I first made my list of essentials over a year ago, and so far, I haven't changed my essentials...I have, however, changed my activities!  Listed below are my four essentials...what are yours?

Fresh and Feisty's Four Essentials:
  1. My health
  2. My husband
  3. Photography
  4. Meaningful contact with friends and family

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Jane Heiza said...

I totally agree! When my health spiraled out of control, I noticed that I had difficulty organizing and staying focused. I've got too much clutter around me --the way I picture my state of mind. I guess I need to downsize everything so that I don't have to rush through life without appreciating the beautiful things that are coming my way. Thanks for reminding me that Sunny!

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