November 19, 2010

Easy Recipes: Sneaky or Frugal

We had leftover butternut squash fries from the other night and I don't really care for them as leftovers. We also had some white beans from our produce box I cooked up last week and an open can of re-fried beans. Smoky bean soup to the rescue!  Used chicken stock that I made to puree the squash and added it to the bean soup.  I also added a can of tomatoes and left the corn out.  Put everything in the crock-pot and let it cook all day.  Made for a tasty, quick dinner after we got home from our evening walk. So was it sneaky or frugal...or maybe both :)

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Melodie said...

It's always good when those kinds of meals turn out. Thanks for linking up at Vegetarian Foodie Fridays but just a reminder that chicken stock isn't vegetarian. Thanks. :)

Fresh and Feisty said...

To be vegetarian this would be wonderful with mushroom or vegetable stock!

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