November 22, 2010

Christmas Card Etiquette...Seriously?

I read somewhere the other day that it is proper etiquette to mail Christmas cards the Saturday immediately following Thanksgiving.  Who made this up and why is this the first time I've heard about it?  Apparently, it ensures that everyone gets their card on time and no one feels like they were a last minute addition or some such junk (just Google Christmas card etiquette for more information than you really need).  Who are we kidding?  I can hardly get the cards done after Thanksgiving; much less get them done in time to be ready to mail on the 27th.   The last few years I've been making our own cards.  I distinctly remember doing last year's cards on our anniversary trip to the coast.  It's always hard for me to know who to send them to as well.  With Andrew's side of the family being so large, it can get out of hand.  A stamp is up to what, 42 cents or something like that.  Sending just 50 cards by mail can cost $21.  

That's why I'm excited about trying out Shutterfly.  They are offering bloggers 50 free cards this year.  Maybe I won't be staying up into the middle of the night on vacation trying to decide just what I want to say and what color the font should be.  

In checking out Shutterfly's site, I see a lot of great gift ideas especially for grandparents!  They also have some great deals going on right now.  I'm most interested in checking out the ability to join their Annual Print Plan.  From what I can see, I can join, get discounted prints and for the price of joining get a 8 x 11 photo book.  As I accumulate more photos of Dylan, that sounds like a great deal.  

As to Christmas cards this year, I think I'm going to go with something a little more professional than in the past.  Maybe something like this or this.  Okay, who are we kidding...I don't get cards done early because I can never decide!

Disclaimer: This post will net me 50 free cards at Shutterfly.  So, yeah, it's promotional!

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