January 30, 2011

Energy Balls

My friend posted a link to a page about making healthy energy balls.  I tried them tonight and they came out great...especially if you don't eat many sweets.  Andrew didn't think they were sweet enough.  Go figure!

Energy Balls

10 dried dates - pour boiling water over the top for about 3 minutes
1 tsp cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 c walnuts
Optional: additional cocoa powder or unsweetened coconut for rolling

In a Vitamix or food processor, chop the nuts until they are a fine meal but not butter.  Add the cocoa and salt.  Mix.  Drain the dates (save the liquid for cooking with later) and add.  Process until the mixture holds together.  Roll into small balls (bite sized) and roll in cocoa powder (if you like them dark) and/or unsweetened coconut. 

Find more @ Slightly Indulgent Tuesday and Pennywise Platter Thursday!


Amelia@SavoryandSweet said...

I just started making energy balls and my boys love them.:)
I haven't made them with cocoa powder though...sounds good, I'll have to try it!!

Anonymous said...

These sound amazing *and* I can eat them on my current fast. I've definitely bookmarked these!

Anonymous said...

I actually made these this evening without the cocoa as I'm not supposed to eat it on my fast and it was SOO good. Now I have to resist eating them all.

Fresh and Feisty said...

I'm so glad you liked them...I just made a different version last night that I'll have to post. I had to take them to work to keep from rating them all :)

Danielle said...

These sound delicious - a lot like Lara Bars, but homemade is always the best! Thanks for the recipe! What kind of dates do you use, and do you rehydrate them at all?
I found you on Pennywise Platter, by the way.

Fresh and Feisty said...

@ Danielle - I use the cheap dates in bulk at Winco...a store in my town. They look like this:

I pour boiling water over them just before I make the balls. Start out with 8 dates...I'm thinking you don't need all 10 :)

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