April 2, 2011

The Girls' First Winter

With much trepidation we opened the hive on Friday.  It was a pleasantly warm day and as good as any to see if The Girls had made it through their first winter.  And, they did!  Not having anything to compare it to, we aren't sure if they did well or not but we do think they are going to make it.  The top deep still had plenty of honey and they are really starting to pack the pollen in.  We also saw fresh larvae so while we didn't see a queen, she must have been there working hard.  The bottom deep, well, it did not look so great.  There was a bunch of mold on some of the comb and it looked pretty beat up.  We cleaned up some of the frames and put that deep on top so they now think they have some place to grow.  Or, at least that's the idea.  That's it for now from the beehive at Jones cottage...more to come, we hope!

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