June 12, 2011

Paddler Down

From Peace Dragon Warriors:

On June 9, 2011, while riding her new Harley (motorcycle) to practice, wearing her team colors (purple and orange) and with a bright orange paddle bag slung over her back, one of our paddlers, our beloved Jackie Lee Bell, was hit by a pickup, the driver of which ran a red light. Jackie’s now had her left leg amputated above the knee due to the horrific damage sustained in the accident. We know that no matter how badly we miss our Jackie on the boat, it can’t begin to touch how badly she misses her leg. Jackie and her fiancĂ©, Doug (also a paddler) were planning to be married at the Portland races on September 10, 2011. That’s still going to happen, and we expect her back on the boat for next season, but it’s a long, hard road she and Doug are facing, even with the love, support and impressive skills of her Salem paddling family.

We are reaching out to the greater dragon boating community/family for help. A support fund has been established in Jackie Lee Bell’s name through West Coast Bank – donations can be made at any West Coast Bank branch. We will be hosting several benefit events over the next weeks and months, including a humble donation box at the Peace Dragon Warriors Paddling Club tent at the World Beat Races in Salem and the subsequent races in Kent, Washington, and Portland.
Any help you can give –

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