June 10, 2013

Bang-Bang Chicken

Um, this was yummy and super easy!!!!!  I adapted a shrimp recipe I found online.

Bang-Bang Chicken

three LARGE chicken breasts diced, sprinkled with salt and fresh ground black pepper
gluten-free flour in a ziploc

palm shortening/oil

Shake the chicken in the ziploc, drop into hot oil.  Use a nice big pan for this!  Cook on medium stirring frequently.  It's okay if it sticks a little.  Add a little more oil if you need it.  Cook until chicken is done and starting to get golden.  Remove to a bowl.

1/2 c. mayo
1/4 c honey
1-3 tsp Saracha...I'm not sure exactly how much I used.  I liked it with more!
1 T coconut aminos or tamari or soy sauce - pick your poison

Mix together and then mix with the chicken.  Add a little fresh parsley if you have it.  Otherwise, enjoy.  Good by themself or over something like quinoa and rice.

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