November 8, 2009

Are You the Driver of Your Change...Or is It Driving You?

All of us are subject to change.  It's one of the laws of nature.  Some change we drive...some change drives us.  I find it difficult to deal with change I didn't initiate.  But, much of the time that unsought change benefits me as much or more than change I bring into my life.

How a person deals with change can say a lot about them.  Most days I'm afraid my dealings with change probably don't have very nice things to say about me.  Change is just one of those stressors in life we have little control over.  I'm not telling you to "embrace change"...not being of a hugger and all. But, learn to be patient with yourself and realize this just might not be the time to fight.

We've all heard how to deal with stress.  I need to hear it as much as anyone, so I'm going to tell you again.
  • Breathe
  • Exercise - Especially when you don't feel like it.
  • Eat right - Whatever that might mean for you.  For me, it means no wheat, very little sugar and carbs, and plenty of protein and good fats.
  • Get an appropriate amount of sleep - Too much is just as bad as too little.
  • Find things or people or places that bring joy and happiness into your life.
  • And, finally, learn to love yourself, accept yourself, and strive for reasonable expectations in your self-growth.
So, it this post about change or stress? For me this year, they've pretty much been one and the same.  I'm thinking a few of you might be able to relate.  

I'm grateful for where I am, but look forward to moving on...even if that means more change and in the process more stress!

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