March 24, 2011

Breast Milk Muffins

I think about breast milk a lot right now...maybe because my life seems to revolve around it. Anyway, the other day I felt like making muffins but we were out of Andrew's milk...Dylan, however, has plenty of milk to spare.  I can't donate it to a milk bank because I take Prozac and no one on the Facebook group Human Milk for Human Babies has taken me up on my offer for free milk.  

So, I made the muffins with Dylan's milk and they tasted just fine.  Andrew's a bit grossed out and won't eat them.  I've started quite the conversation with my friends about it.  By no means am I a trend setter when it comes to this.  Just Google "cooking with breast milk" and you will find all kinds of entries.  One friend's thoughtful response was as follows:  
In all honesty, I think we instinctively gag at this for the same reason we gag at the thought of eating dog or horse meat: because it's outside the norm and we are squeamish about food that is outside the norm. Technically, it's no different than what you ate as a baby yourself (assuming you weren't formula raised). However, it does illicit an ick factor.
Another friend commented:
I personally thought it was kind of great.
And, Dylan's pediatrician made this comment:
Very resourceful, if disturbing to our 21st century minds.
Have we completely sexualized the breast?  How about looking at them as a wonderful way to feed and bond with your child? Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a sexual component but let's get over our squeamishness and start thinking a little outside of the box.  Granted my box isn't always square...I'm off to try making butter for Dylan to go on those muffins! 

For actual recipes and ideas that go against conventional food visit Fight Back Fridays or Monday Mania!

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Anonymous said...

I wish that someone would have feed me breastmilk muffins...i'm a young women...but i know it would be hard for girls to have breastmilk, its only the babies and husbands that are lucky enough! Not us girls! :(

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