May 5, 2013

House Hives Check-In

Nuc seems okay.  Didn’t see the queen but there was still larvae.  

Top-bar was awesome.  I learned that part of the reason I had problems before was the comb was attached to the side of the box in addition to the top-bar piece.  Ended up screwing up a couple since they were connected to the next piece.  But, all in all, it looked really good.  Again did not find the queen, but I also didn’t worry about it too much.  

The coppertop looked okay.  They haven’t really made it up into the super.  Probably shouldn’t have put it on there yet but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Did see some new larvae...not sure it was being layed properly though.  Again, didn’t find the queen.  They have ate almost all of the pollen patty half that I gave them and are bringing in lots of pollen.

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