May 29, 2013

House Hives Check-In

Finally got back to the hives at the house.  Moved the nuc (split) into a full box.  Went through the copper top and it looks like it has a queen laying eggs.  To be honest, I didn't see the queen in any of the boxes but there were new larvae so I'm going with it.  

The top bar may be my undoing.  I have yet to figure out how to work it without screwing up the comb since they glue it down the sides and on the bottom.  As I was fishing around in the bottom, one of the girls stung me through the mesh on my glove.  My hand is really swollen!  Since I was trying to go through the house hives after work and it had been a long day, I just stopped there.  I'll try to finish going through it on Saturday when the weather is nice again.  From what I did see it is doing great though!

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