September 27, 2009

Cherry "Sorbet"

I don't have a pretty picture or hardley even a recipe for this week's entrance into Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free's Slightly Indulgent Mondays but I can tell you it's easy and great. This is one of those almost too easy to be true "recipes"...if you can call it a recipe. We freeze pitted cherries in the summer when they are ripe and sweet. Then, when it's hot or we just want a cool treat...I defrost them in the microwave until I can just barely puree them with the immersion blender (and yes, it really is an immersion blender that works best). Once all the fruit (approx. 4 c frozen) is pureed, I add a bit (1/4-1/2 tsp) of almond extract. If you have cocoa nibs to put on top that's great...if not...that's fine too! Sometimes this makes one serving and sometimes it's two. Just depends on how generous I feel that day! This works well with strawberries and blueberries too.


trishtator said...

That sounds delicious - I'd eat cherry anything!

Amy Green (Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free) said...

What a great, healthy treat! Sounds fabulous and the cherries make it so decadent. I love my immersion blender, too!

Thanks for participating in Slightly Indulgent Mondays!

Fresh and Feisty said...

Thank you Amy. I appreciate you holding this carnival...I have gotten new visitors. Just was looking and you must have a lot of readers in Canada!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I've been making all flavors of sorbet and ice cream the last two months and Mr. GFE hasn't eaten much of any yet, but he's a huge fan of cherries! So I'll be try this recipe--thanks!


Fresh and Feisty said...

Thanks Shirley! I almost feel guilty calling it a recipe :)

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