October 27, 2010

Sorry Girls!

With Dylan arriving at the end of August, our minds were elsewhere when we should have been removing the super (very top box) from our hive.  And, then it's just so darn easy to get sucked into baby stuff and enjoying two months off when you haven't taken hardly any vacation time all year.  So today while my mother-in-law was here with Dylan, Andrew and I took the super off.  It was kind of damned if you do or damned if you don't type of situations.  I was worried about the Girls being able to keep the hive warm enough this winter if we left the box on (about 93 degrees).  But, we've waited so long that opening the box could be a problem for them since it's about 51 degrees and it opens them up to attack.  I've seen quite a few yellow-jackets around the hive lately.  Oh well.  Time will tell.  We won't know until next spring but hopefully by then we'll have some more of this baby stuff figured out ;)

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