October 26, 2011

How do maintain your community? Or, alternatively, Christmas is coming fast!

A sense of community is part of what makes us human; an extremely important part.  With the Internet, texting, etc. one would think we all have well developed communities.  But really, how many of the people on your Facebook page are more than acquaintances?

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but I miss getting more than bills and junk mail in my mailbox.  That's why I still participate in the potentially antiquated tradition of mailing, yes really, (snail)mailing Christmas cards.  As part of that tradition, I like to send cards with pictures of our family.  For a few years, I made the cards myself.  Last year I got an opportunity (read freebie) to use Shutterfly (online).  They've given me the same opportunity this year.  The cards we got last year were wonderful and not just because Dylan's the cutest kid ever.

My goal this year is to order cards before Thanksgiving so I can address and mail them that weekend.  I haven't decided on exactly which one or ones we'll be using.  Part of my problem is they have too many I like!  Last year I made a custom desk calendar on Shutterfly and everyone at work loves it.  They almost make it too easy.

What ones would you choose?  Guess what, it's not exactly a rhetorical question.  Shutterfly wants you to have the opportunity (read freebie) to try their cards out this year too.  And, they don't have to be Christmas cards.  Do it for some other event if Christmas cards don't float your boat.  They gave me three codes for 25 free cards each.  Comment about your community or your Christmas traditions.  The winners will be chosen randomly.   

In addition if you are a blogger: You can register at for  a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season?


Alexa said...

Well, one tradition I'm bringing from my family into my new little family is a fresh Christmas tree.

And... this year I'm hoping to get Christmas cards/letters going!

chp said...

We used to do a multi-page newsletter for the family...not only reporting on what we'd been up to, but also what others in our family had been doing. This seemed to be nice way to keep all the various sides in communication about who'd been up to what during the year. As responsibilities have increased over the years, this has fallen to the wayside; we set up a family blog where anyone could post news/events. This has worked well. Someday I would like to get back to the newsletter, but until I have time again, small happy new year postcards are what we send out to a few folks. Just at least a little note to say hi and that we are thinking of them.

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