August 28, 2012

Short Hair...Long Hair...Why Do You Ask?

A co-worker asked me if I missed my longer hair that I had when I first started with the Department back in 2006.  No, was my immediate reply.  I'm not sure exactly why she was asking.  I'm pretty sure she likes my short hair but those kind of questions always make me wonder what is really behind the question.  

Maybe it's because I've finally found a hairstylist that works with me and my crazy hair.  Maybe it's because I just don't want to spend any more time on primping than necessary.  But, for now, I love my short hair.  

I feel more confident with short hair.  I hid behind my long hair and it did nothing for my face shape, my self-esteem, etc.  

Again, why do people ask these kind of questions?  Or, is it that she just doesn't have a filter ;)

You know what I do miss...the pink streaks.  But that was just way too much work!

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